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Functional and Novelty Pens offer a twist on printed promotional pens.

At About Pens, we offer a selection of Functional and Novelty Pens in a variety of themes that add extra pizzazz in your promotional giveaways.

You can choose a Novelty Pen or Functional Pen that will enhance or highlight your company, selecting a theme that is corresponding with your message.

Functional pens will keep your message in front of your customer or the public during their daily work/chores. For example, neck pens are used frequently in doctor’s offices, by shipping clerks and throughout retail. Touch stylus pens by those who frequently use tablets, in restaurants and by couriers or in the transportation industry. And professionals in the business can really appreciate the simplicity of having pens with inbuilt highlighters, torch or even a sticker pouch.

For novelty pens, why not try the new and in trend crystal pens which is brilliant for retailers and trendy businesses alike.

Alternatively, as indent orders, we can provide novelty pens that feature sports, car, hobby, flower, music themes etc for your clubs, societies and small businesses. Your specialized pens are only your imagination and an enquiry away.

“My mom would take me to restaurants, and the first thing I'd ask for would be a pen and a napkin, and I'd sketch shoes and shoes and shoes.” Alexander Wang

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