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About Pens offers a selection of promotional Highlighters and Markers to complement our printed pens and stationeries. Our highlighters come in a variety of unique shapes, sizes, colour and tip, and the wider print area allows for larger logos/messages to be printed as compared to promotional pens.

Printed Highlighters and Promotional Markers offer you the opportunity to brand your company or product in a highly sought-after demographic, university students and professionals such as doctors, lawyers, realtors and insurance agents.

Incorporate printed highlighters and markers into sales presentations, seminars and workshops, to students and professionals. Your company, organization, or product can achieve lasting brand recognition with these effective promotional products.

“I'm just writing, writing, writing. I keep these tablets on me until I'm inspired to go back in and make the music. I never take a break from my pen, because I pride myself on that.” Kendrick Lamar

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