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About Pens has a selection of pen packaging for your promotional pen presentations. When you order customised metal pens, adding the right pen packaging can add to the value of your promotional pen presentations.

We offer customised pen packaging from simple Velcro pouches, clear pen tubes, classic pen boxes, and to premium wood cases. Many of our packagings can even be decorated to match or complement your promotional pens.

Gift pen packaging adds to the perceived value of your promotional pen gift. Within our variety of pen packaging, you are sure to find a presentation package that is just right for the promotional pens or gift pens that you have ordered.

A promotional pen is a great gift, one that is presented in pen packaging is an elegant gift for special occasions such as milestone birthdays, school graduations, reunions or for special corporate clients.

“I pick up my pen. It flows. A building appears. There it is. There is nothing more to say.” Oscar Niemeyer

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