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Promotional Pens – Why You Need Printed Pens

If you think of promotional pens as a way of marketing your business is a bit ‘old hat’, then read this. It may well change your mind, and show you that printed pens can be an ongoing advertisement for your business.

A cardinal rule of successful business includes marketing initiatives which manage to pack a punch. Annual sales might tank, and customer-satisfaction rates might worryingly dwindle if a company does not manage to reach its intended audience as effectively as is possible.

As of now, there are close to 130 million businesses operating on a global scale. How then, is it possible to ensure that your brand distinctly stands out to both customers, and investors?

Though you could logically filter a lot of capital into online marketing campaigns, or otherwise spend a fortune on flashy web layouts, a simpler answer might stem from a service as straightforward as promotional marketing.

About Pens is a leading Australian company with a 30 year plus history, striving to provide your business with the unique, original, and appealing promotional branding it deserves. Although intricate key-chains, or garishly-obvious cricket caps might exist as the standard, go-to promotional products for most, this company focuses on approaching marketing and publicity using a classic, age-old, and eternal tool: the pen.

The pen is one such item which is present in virtually any setting; whether to jot down an address, label a jam-jar, or else scribble down a signature: the pen still exists as an instrument far mightier than the keyboard, and infinitely more pervasive.

The minds behind About Pens fully understand the universality of promotional pens, and have engineered their services to best utilise the tool for branding and marketing purposes. The Queensland, Australia-based company leaves a generous amount of space on the surface of the pen for a logo or message to be clearly printed on. Moreover, a large range of pens, materials, and templates are offered at very competitive, economic rates.

Ordering a shipment of custom-made promotional printed pens has never been simpler. But why should your company go ahead with it?
As mentioned before, innumerable businesses currently crowd the global economic scene. With so many offers, companies, advertisements, and brands cluttering this space, how will your customers, colleagues, and investors have your company’s brand burned into their memories?

How do promotional pens help you market your business?

Merchandising is a concept that allows you – the corporate business – a chance to control how your brand is perceived. For instance, a pen portrays that your specific brand is practical, reliable, varying, and established. Moreover, a pen has a great many uses. The next time a client or investor picks up a promotional pen with your company’s brand printed on it, they will immediately associate the company with the work being done. As such, their constant contact with the branding makes for easier familiarising as well.

Promotional products have proven to boost sales as well; a study conducted by PPAI revealed that 94% of individuals that received a promotional product during a giveaway could easily recall where they received the item from.

A promotional product will represent your brand in ways which a typical marketing campaign cannot; allowing investors and clients alike to become accustomed to your business’ defining persona, and familiarising them with the name and nature of your company.

Give your company and brand an edge competitors would have to look out for, and do it the reliable way.

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