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Top Quality Printed Promo Pens

As you already know, your businesses brand isn’t just about a catchy logo or advertising tag line. Your brand is your business identity. The only question is, how are you making a lasting impact on people in the real world with that identity? Promo pens, that’s how.

Australia’s Best Value Promo Pen Design Company

Printed promo pensAt About Pens, we realised something in the early 2000’s. The way Australian businesses were marketing themselves was changing. Real world marketing was being superseded by digital marketing, and many traditional advertising mediums looked set to become obsolete. We knew, however, that promotional plastic and metal pens and branded stationary was still going to be as relevant in the future as it was decades ago. Even better, we were right.

Helping you Realise your full Marketing Potential

It doesn’t matter what your business niche is. Whatever the nature of your upcoming expo, B2B marketing initiative, or real world promotion, our custom printed pen design services can help put your business branding directly into the hands of your customer base.

Being a genuinely useful form of take-home marketing media, your target audience will be exposed to your branding and advertising every time they reach for one of our pens. This being the case, to help you make a lasting impression, we allow you to choose from a wide variety of promotional plastic or metal pens, ballpoints, markers, and pencils. – All you need to do is choose a pen design which you feel best expresses your business personality.

Fun & Affordable Promotional Pen Designs

Understanding the timeless appeal of promotional pens is simple. Pens and stationary are in high demand in every contemporary home and workplace. From note taking to signing for deliveries, people need top quality pens for all kinds of daily administrative purposes.

However, at About Pens, our promotional pens don’t just serve to meet the practical needs of your customer base. This is because, while your competitors are focusing all their marketing efforts online, you can use our pens to take advantage of an advertising opportunity which they are all overlooking. – Namely, the reduced marketing noise in the real world.

Cost Effective & Time Tested Marketing

High-quality promotional pens like ours are one of the most cost effective forms of marketing and advertising that there is. The people you present your branded pens to will be exposed to your branding each and every time they use them. At the same time, pens travel between groups of people every time they are borrowed or presented in passing. This being the case, a single pen design carrying your branding, has the power to impact 10’s, if not 100’s of people during the course of its usable lifetime.

Positivity & Loyalty Inspiring

Do you want to inspire better loyalty and local familiarity with your brand? Because top quality pens like ours are so practical, they help foster genuine senses of customer loyalty, as well as better brand awareness. This is why we cater for the promotional pen and branded stationary needs of 100’s of marketing savvy Australian businesses just like yours.

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