Types of Custom Pens

Many people know they can purchase printed pens to advertise their company or service. What you may not realize is the variety that is available in a custom pen selection. Choices are offered to fit a variety of needs, niches and personalities. You can say a lot with your pen choice, so understanding the options is essential.

Basic Pen and Cap Packages

One of the cheapest custom pen options is a basic plastic blue or black ballpoint with a cap. When purchased in bulk, these pens only cost a few cents each, which is why you see them in businesses where a lot are given away. Banks and hotels usually offer these types of pens to anyone who walks through the door. This is the pen you choose if you want volume and are less concerned with long-term quality.

Beyond Basics

The next step in custom pen marketing includes click pens, roller ball options and pens that are abnormally sized or shaped. For example, a popular drug company often hands out pens that are triangular instead of cylindrical. These pens stand out, but are not overly expensive. They are usually made of plastic, contain standard ballpoint elements, and are printed with a company logo and contact information.

Deluxe Custom Pens

Deluxe pens may be high-quality metal or gel pens. They might also be pens with a secondary purpose, such as a pen with a highlighter on the end or a pen with a light. These products are much more expensive, although deals can be had when purchasing in bulk. Even at a good deal, you may not want to provide a basket of these pens in the lobby of your building. Instead, most companies use deluxe custom pen products in targeted marketing visits. Drug reps deliver them to health care staff, for example, but pharmaceutical companies would not send them out to patients.

Niche Custom Pen Options

Knowing a bit about your target market will help you choose niche pens your customers are more likely to use. For example, anyone who markets in the health care field knows pens are prime currency in a hospital. If nurses find a pen they like, they want to hold on to it before it walks away with someone else. Custom pens that hang on a cord around the neck are perfect in such situations. If you market to outdoors people, a waterproof pen or something that can write on many surfaces may be optimal. Likewise, pens that have lights, whistles or other extras will appeal to different customers.

Choosing the right custom pen for your advertising needs requires you to understand both the volume of pens you will give away as well as the desires and needs of your consumer base. Always remember, you can choose multiple products. Many companies have a cheaper pen for large giveaways and a more expensive variety for targeted marketing.

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